Walmart Black Friday – PS5 and Xbox Consoles

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Walmart’s Black Friday sale for 2021 begins on Monday, Nov 22, and runs through Nov 28. It includes massive discounts on 4K TVs, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, iPhones, Galaxy phones, notebooks, gadgets, and much more.

All-new Black Friday Deals for Days begin at 3 p.m. ET on Friday, with everyone else receiving access at 7 p.m. ET on Monday. In-store buyers will have to wait until 5 a.m. on November 26 to get their hands on the offers.

Walmart Black Friday & PS5 and Xbox Consoles:

The PS5 & Xbox consoles have been out for almost a year, yet they still don’t appear to be much simpler to obtain. On Monday, November 22, Walmart will give you another opportunity to have your hands on a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S.

They’ll almost probably sell out fast, but you may at least plan to attempt to obtain one before the holidays.

When to Get a PS5 and Xbox at Walmart for Black Friday

The mega-retailer advertises online access for both versions of the PS5 and both models of the next Xbox on November 22 in their Black Friday flyer.

How to Get a PS5 or Xbox at Walmart for Black Friday

The consoles will be accessible online, as previously stated. Walmart has announced that paying Walmart+ members would get a head start on Black Friday discounts, with access four hours before non-members. We’re not sure if this extends to the PS5 and Xbox, but membership costs $12.95, and a trial membership won’t give you immediate access to Walmart’s Black Friday offers.

4 hours early exposure to online Black Friday bargains (3 pm ET on November 22). This offer is not included in the free trial, therefore to take advantage of it, click the “join premium membership” option.

Membership link: Walmart+

If you would like to save time on Black Friday, We would recommend:

  • Develop a Walmart account ahead of time. When you create an account, you must provide all of your pertinent information, including your shipping and billing addresses, credit card information, and name. When the consoles DO become available, the few seconds you save by not having to re-enter all of your information might spell the difference between receiving a PS5 and getting a “sorry, this item is no longer available” notice.
  • You may also bookmark the item pages, although this isn’t a failsafe because Walmart and other stores frequently change the URLs for new consoles to keep bots at bay. When the systems were not accessible through Walmart, the product sites are typically taken over by third-party vendors, resulting in some absurdly high pricing.

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Can I Get a PS5 or Xbox at my Local Walmart

No, The PS5 and Xbox wouldn’t be readily accessible stores. You’ll have to purchase a PS5 online if you want this for Black Friday. If you want an Xbox Series X or S, it’s the same story. It’s just the way things are right now.


Black Friday has arrived, and we’re keeping track of all of the top Walmart Black Friday discounts as they become available. Be ready to avail this golden opportunity of Walmart Black Friday deals. Stay connected.