Nova, the Last Star of Calpheon and the Distorted Goddess

Black Desert Console: Nova Combat Trailer

‘The Cold Star Shall Rise Again in the Kingdom of Calpheon’

Nova is the last bloodline of the royal family that once ruled the Kingdom of Calpheon but was erased from history with the rise of the republic. She has returned to restore the fallen kingdom once more as the master of the Thornwood Guard, embracing the darkness of the Ancient Tree Quturan.

Nova Combat Style

Nova is armed with a Morning Star and Quoratum, the shield of the distorted goddess. She is a versatile fighter who can extend her Morning Star to strike her opponents from melee to mid-range distance.

She is capable of fortifying herself in a defensive position behind her Quoratum while simultaneously commanding her Thornwood Guard to charge, assault, and jointly attack her enemies. Thornwood Guard are summoned to protect and serve their master whenever Nova takes a defensive stance and the guards’ unique powers reinforces her defense further.

Nova is well-protected from the Thornwood Guard but she is also capable of freezing her enemies using her powers of the cold winter while wielding her Morning Star to crush her enemies.

Be wary of the hidden thorns behind the glaring starlight.

Nova Main Skills
  Bitter Reign 
Strike out your Morning Star in front of you to hit your foe’s body, then strike down hard. 

  Icy Thorns
Strike the enemy upwards with your Morning Star, then pierce them with sharp thorns of ice. 
 Command: Passed Pawn
Summons soldiers contained within the Quoratum. Kanat as cavalry, Luka as shield bearers, Vishur as spearmen, Pau as infantry are summoned to join Nova in defeating the enemy. 

  Command: Blooming Icy Thorns
Bloom icy thorns in front of you with the aura of the Quoratum. 

  Icy Prison
Gather ice energies into the Morning Star and attack. If a guard is summoned, command them to attack as well.