Modern Warfare Map: Hardhat

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Hardhat

Under construction since late 2011, Hardhat is built for fast-paced and frenetic combat in any game mode. We break down this classic map for those visiting the site for the first time, or who need a refresher on this concrete jungle.

“The only truth I found is that the world we live in is a giant tinderbox. All it takes…is someone to light the match.” – Captain John Price, Call of Duty®: MW3

This is your Tactical Map Intel for Hardhat:

Lay of the Land:

Previously, Hardhat was set near the first main Campaign level of MW3: “Black Tuesday”, a mile or so from Downtown at a construction site.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Hardhat takes place at an Operor Construction site in London, England on Day 157 of the global conflict. At 10:30 a.m., both Allegiance and Coalition members arrive at opposite ends of the block to investigate the area after an anonymous tip brought them here.

Unfortunately, it seems as if it was a false alarm to distract our Operators from the true fight at hand… Or maybe those containers and piles of construction material hide an actual threat.

Most everything that a veteran remembers about Hardhat is here: the big yellow Bulldozer, the massive wall held up by support beams, a busy Central Building, and, of course, the big concrete Pipe that connects the north side of the map to the south.

Map Detail:

Hardhat is a medium-small sized map that is suited for 6v6 playlists. Action will be fast-paced and take place within unfinished buildings, underneath scaffolding, and even in concrete pipes, but there are also multiple lines of sight that snipers can use to counter run-and-gun players.

General Tips:

“There’s a simplicity to war. Attacking is the only secret.” Aggressive players may yield the greatest results in Hardhat due to its small size. Always watch your six and check those corners, but don’t be afraid to be offensive and fight frequently.

Find the High Ground. Mid to long-range weapons shine on sightlines that are amplified by taking some high ground. Whether it’s a stack of crates or a barrel that just gets you over a concrete wall, finding these lines of sight can help you counter overly aggressive shotgun and SMG users.

An Open Concept. The partially built buildings leave room for Frags and other grenades to fly in from above. Learn where you can arc your equipment pieces to counter enemy players who seem to have locked down a lane or sightline.

Take a Trip to the Bank. Following the previous tip, try using concrete pillars or the massive back wall outside of the Central Building to bank equipment pieces. Who knows? You may just get an incredible final Killcam with a well-placed Throwing Knife bankshot!

You Can Wallbang That. Around the map, you may see light plywood or even fences covered with privacy screens. If you feel like an enemy may be on the other side within a lane, or have friends who just died to them, it may be worth taking a blind shot to see if you hit a “wallbang” – or a kill that goes through a penetrable object.

Stay frosty.