Black Desert PS4 1st Anniversary Gifts

Happy Birthday BDO on PS4!

It has been a wonderful year here on PlayStation 4 and the team has prepared a few gifts for everyone in the family (yes, that includes Xbox)!

Event I. Feel Like a Boss Gift

For the PlayStation 4 birthday, everyone deserves to feel like a boss. For just 1 Loyalty, you can obtain an [Event] Rare Boss Gear Box, which will allow you to randomly obtain 1 piece of boss gear! This will only be available for sale in the Loyalty Shop for a limited time, so be sure to pick one up!

Sale Period

NA: After the August 25th Maintenance ~ September 22nd 11:59 PM PDT

EU: After the August 26th Maintenance ~ September 23rd 7:59 AM UTC+1

ASIA: After the August 26th Maintenance ~ September 23rd 3:59 PM GMT+9

Randomly obtain 1 of the following items from the [Event] Rare Boss Gear Box
Dandelion Weapon BoxKzarka’s Sealed Weapon BoxKutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box
Nouver’s Sealed Sub-weapon BoxGiath’s HelmetGriffon’s Helmet
Dim Tree Spirit’s ArmorRed Nose’s ArmorBheg’s Gloves
Leebur’s GlovesMuskan’s ShoesUrugon’s Shoes

* The [Event] Rare Boss Gear Box can only be opened by a character that is level 58 or higher.